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About Professional Certified Applicators of L. I.
In all lawful ways to promote and protect the business interests of all members of the association.
To Provide a forum for a cooperative effort directed toward the improvement of industry conditions.
To reform any and all abuses in the professional certified applicator industry.
To solve problems common to member firms.
To act as a spokesman and to furnish and to disseminate accurate and reliable information regarding the industry in general.
To encourage the maintenance of high professional standards in our industry.
To promote a favorable climate between all governmental agencies, elected officials, etc. with our industry resulting in a more conducive atmosphere for all concerned.
To promote the need for skill, integrity and community services in the industry.
To provide association members with services reducing individual firm member costs of doing business, etc.
To maintain teh standards of the professional certified applicators at the lever necessitated by its professional character and to establish members of the association in the public mind as individuals who will fulfill their obligations in good faith.
To provide methods and means wherebgy members avail themselves of the greater power of combined effort through the association acting as an authoritative body in securing just and honorable dealings from the public whom they may serve.
To procure and interpret for its members any laws or regulations which effect the operation of their business.
To cooperate in the promulgation of reasonable laws, ordinances and regulations affecting the professional applicators industry on Long Island as well as the public.
To do any and all things that are lawful and appropriate in the furtherance of the aforementioned purposes. 

"In Unity There is Strength"

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